East or west, Home is the best; as the saying goes; home is the most convenient and comfortable and of course most desirable place by all human beings after a tiresome work schedule.

Robert comes after 8 hours of tight work at home and finds outs all the items scattered, sink full of dirty dishes, cobwebs hanging from the ceiling fan and the worst to add house full of dust that made him sneeze unstoppable. What poor will Robert do now? Will he clean the house, fold the sheets or wash the dirty vessels? But the most basic call of his body, mind, and soul is Rest, Relax and sleep.

Annoyed Robert wished to have a person or Ginny who can make his home sparkling shiny, cobweb free fans and ceiling, dust free rugs and clean dishes so that he can have a sound sleep for the next day work.

So, here comes his wish fulfilled by our Student cleaners, who are expert Ginny cum persons at cleaning services.  At Victoria, we have exclusive Residential cleaning Services by our student cleaners who takes care of all the residential cleaning works from one room to all rooms at $65 per hour. We have the team of two students who cleans all in just one hour.

Above all, after first cleaning service, we call you personally too about the feedback and follow ups.

For the regular cleaning of your apartment, $65 per hour will be compensated by flat rate. You don’t need to worry about the arrangement of the cleaning equipment. Our team of student cleaners will bring with them all the appliances and equipment that are required to clean your rooms and whole house sparkling shine like glass.

Our maid cum student cleaners will clean basically 5 residential areas:

  1. Kitchen: it includes cleaning of ceilings and light fixtures, washing of utensils, cleaning inside and outside of microwave, wipe out all the windows, cabinets, doors and handles, empty of trash and replace the bag etc.
  2. Bathrooms: cleans all the tiles, window and window sills, wipe out toilet seat, brushing off the toilet seat, dust free ceilings, and clear counter tops, cleaning of glass etc.
  3. Laundry room: empty lint from the filter, cleaning and dusting of glasses from within out, folding of dry clothes on request of client etc.
  4. Living rooms, offices, and bedrooms: setting and straight up all the bed sheets, dust free ceiling, clean computer screens, T V screens, organized manner of toys, clean all the glass windows and seals, folding of scattered clothes on the request of the client, cleaning of all the types of furniture.

NOTE: our cleaning team is enough wise to not to throw away any personal thing.

  1. Floors: cleaning of rugs thoroughly, vacuum cleaning of the floors followed by hot water mops, cleaning of all cabinets and hard to reach areas, check all vaccum bags and replace etc.

We give our customers 150% satisfaction by offering them through close inspection of all the rooms with our cleaning team.

We would love to make your houses a sparkling heaven.