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Last minute Fathers day gift
Everyone loves to come home to a sparkling clean house, that’s why Student Cleaners Gift Certificates are the perfect gift this Father’s Day. When you purchase a Gift card for Father’s day you will receive %15 off.

Purchasing a Student Cleaners Gift Certificate is easy – contact the recipient’s directly by phone (250)686-2915
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Eco Friendly House Cleaning made easy

Eco Friendly House Cleaning is a concept that may sound complicated or even unachievable. Fortunately for the environment, that’s not true at all. It’s easy to be eco friendly while you clean your house, you just need to find the right ingredients. If you are good at chemistry, this may be a no brainer, but since that’s not always the case, Student Cleaners brings you a couple of nice recipes that will make the difference between a clean, green house, and a bunch of home care products stashed in the garage. Without further ado, here are our top picks for easy recipes for eco friendly house cleaning.

Unclogging your drains
This one is particularly useful, because it’s made of easy components. You’ll need the following:

Baking Soda
Boiling Water

Just add 1 part vinegar, and a half part baking soda. First, sprinkle the baking soda into the drain. Then, add the vinegar and watch it fizz and fuzz for about 5 minutes (can be more, doesn’t really matter). Afterwards, wash it all thoroughly with the boiling water. Unclogging guaranteed.

Cleaning your windows
A clean window is a clean house. Well, maybe not, but it helps. For this one, you’ll need:

2 teaspoons white vinegar
1 litre water

Mix the 2 ingredients together, and use some old crumpled newspapers to wash the windows. Be warned, too much vinegar will have a negative impact on your windows, so be sure to use the exact quantities of both ingredients. Also, it works better when the windows are not receiving direct sunlight.

Polishing your furniture
This one doesn’t require vinegar ! Yeah, I know that through these tips, vinegar started seeming like an almighty cure for dirt, but there are other options out there. This recipe requires:

Lemon Oil

Add a few drops of lemon oil into some warm water (a half cup works well). With a soft cotton cloth, apply the mixture to the furniture you want to polish. Afterwards, you can wipe it with another soft cotton cloth for best results.

At Student Cleaners, we’re all about you having a cleaner place. We hope these small tips helped you out.
If you’re interested in having the ultimate cleaning service experience, just contact us at:

Cleaning services in the Victoria Area just got better

Meet Student Cleaners, the newest, superstars and most affordable cleaning service you’ll find. Student Cleaners offers Residential & Commercial Cleaning, Housekeeping and Maid Services across the Victoria Area for a fraction of the usual cost. But that doesn’t mean that we compromise quality, our services are satisfaction guaranteed. Here are some of the reasons why Student Cleaners should be your next choice of cleaning services:

Easy to use cleaning service
No contracts. We don’t need you to sign anything before you’ve even tried our services, we believe that you’ll like us so much you’ll just keep calling ! Without a contract to sign, you won’t get tied down.

Insured, licensed and bonded
Your house, office or commercial property is safe with us, and you can be sure of that because of the insurance policy we bring you with every service.

A cleaning service that’s affordable
We’re not lying, Student Cleaners is an affordable cleaning service. Our rates can be as low as 60/hr for a team of 2 maids. No need to worry about how much money you have to pull out for a clean, freshly scented house.

Professionalism above everything
Our maids are students, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be the most dedicated, hard working maids you can get. We make sure to do a thorough background check on all our student maids, and only allow the best of the best to join us. Here are some of the traits that are absolutely required to work with us:

Cleaning enjoyment: Our students enjoy a clean space, and will not stop until your house is as clean as it can be.

Attention to detail: We don’t cut corners, we clean them. Even the ones on the roof.

Punctuality: At Student Cleaners we are aware of how important time is. And yours is not any different, so our students are punctual and will always arrive at the right time.

Those are just 3 of a long list of requirements to become a student cleaner.

Now that we’ve convinced you to try our services, why not contact us for a free quote ? You can find us at
You are just minutes away from finding the best cleaning service for you and we’re hoping we can make your house, the cleanest house.

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